TIC T249 rotation

Hello i have Tic T249 stepper motor controller and a Nema 17 Bipolar Stepper 0.9deg(400 steps/rev), ii am using DC power supply and providing 12 v input to the Tic controller. I am trying to rotate the stepper motor from 0 to 360, settings I have used in tic control software center are, first I have set the current limit to 1.5 A, didn’t change any speed and acceleration options, step mode is full, under set target -200 to 400, when I provide set target position to 0 and then moved it to set target position 200, I could see 0 and 200 position align which means It has completed 360 degrees. Now for the second time or third time when i repeat the steps, the 0 and 200 positions are not aligning. Could someone please help me.


It sounds like your motor is probably skipping steps. How far off is it the second and third time? Could you post a link to documentation for your motor? Is there any load connected to the motor? Pictures of your setup that show all electrical connections and anything connected to the motor would also be helpful.