TIC 36v4 problem with Serial Monitor on Arduino Uno REV3


I am having a problem with figuring out how to use the serial monitor in conjunction with the Pololu TIC 36v4 high power stepper motor driver. I am currently using an Arduino Uno Rev3 with the examples provided from the 36v4’s Arduino library, and cant seem to generate a syntax that will allow the serial monitor to output data, despite normal serial code being able to do so. I have gotten all the examples to work and move my stepper motors but any success with serial monitor data streaming seem to elude me.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I solved my own problem, my initial trials to get the serial monitor to work with the live stepper motor function were done without the stepper motor powered. Since my code was dependent on a new position it simply didn’t progress the loop to point where it could report anything.


I am glad you were able to get it working! Thank you for letting us know what the problem was.

Good luck on your project.