TI RSLK robot kit (2019)

I would like to use a Li-Po battery pack instead of AA batteries to power my robot, but I need to know the input range for the power distribution board. I contacted TI and they were not able to help me and the Pololu logo is on the power distribution board. Where can I find the documentation for the power distribution board?


The TI-RSLK kit was originally available through Newark in 2018 and TI is now calling that the “Classic” TI-RSLK. The recently-released version is called TI-RSLK MAX; I am guessing that is what you are referring to given the “(2019)” in your post title. The main board is designed to work with 6 AA batteries, and the maximum input range is around 5.5V to 11V, though we do not recommend going close to 11V since that will reduce the life of the motors. In any case, if you want to use LiPo batteries on the Romi chassis (which is what the TI-RSLK is based on), you should use a 2S battery, which will give you about the same voltage as 6 NiMH cells.

You can see our products related to the TI-RSLK here:


Please note that we supply various components of the TI-RSLK, and the overall product is from TI, so the full documentation is available through TI:


We are happy to answer any questions about details they might not cover. If you have any further questions, please make sure to specify exactly which items you are asking about.

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