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Thumper motors & gear ratio for power

i have a Wild Thumper chassis the 6 wheel drive platform the motors say gear ratio of 34:1 i was hoping for more power less speed … I have stripped gears for 3 motors and need to replace them any help would be great ill do all 6 if need be just don’t want to do it all the time … I just saw a Thumper with motors ratio of 74:1 is that faster ? or more powerful ???


It sounds like you want more torque when you refer to power. If that is the case, you might consider our 75:1 25D gearmotor as a replacement for your gearmotors. The higher gear ratio will give you more torque, but proportionally less speed. You can compare the specifications of our gearmotors to see how changing the gear ratio changes the output of the gearmotor.