Thread Locker to Mount 25D Metal Gearmotors

I’m sure many of us have experienced the pain of mounting one of Pololu’s metal gearmotors with screws that are too long and then wondering why our motor is locked up or grinding. I have to assume there’s a good reason to not include a back plate in the mounting holes to protect the gearbox…

Recently I’ve had some issues with the motors coming loose from the mounts in relatively high torque applications, so I’m considering using some Thread Locker Blue 242 to prevent the screws from vibrating out. Maybe there’s no reason for concern, but I’m hesitating because I don’t want to accidently thread lock the gearbox and have the motor burn out.

I have a quickly approaching deadline with this project, so I figure I’ll be the guinea pig and give an update on my results unless someone is lightning fast to reply! Wish me luck


It should be fine to use thread locker as long as you only use a modest amount and adhere to the warning on the 25D gearmotor product pages to screw no further than 6 mm (0.24") into the screw holes.

- Patrick

Awesome! I gave it a shot and I’ll update this when it’s cured. I also have a slight concern that chunks of solidified thread locker will break off into the gearbox if I ever take the motor out of the mount, but I’m hoping that won’t be until far in the future.