Third party relay is staying in one position (open goes to closed, does not go back to open)

Hi Guys,

I’m attempting to get my 12 channel Maestro to set a relay from open to closed. I have it wired to one of my pins, lets say channel 5. Channel 5 is set as a Servo, min 500 max 4000. When the Maestro is powered up, the red and green light of the relay come on and there is an audible click. The relay has gone from open to closed. I have the Maestro Control Center open and I move the slide back and forth from 500 to 4000. The relay doesn’t open. Instead, their is a continuous buzzing noise. The red and green lights remain constant. Is there something I have set up incorrectly? I want to start with the relay open, then close when moved higher (4000). Image shown below.

Switching the red and white wires makes the red light glow low and the green does not turn on.

I’m attempting to complete this project: Activating lights/lamps to turn on and off
Any help as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated!


The project in the forum post you mentioned uses one of our RC Switches with a relay, which accepts an RC servo input signal. Most relay modules, however, are controlled through a simple digital high or low signal. If your relay module requires a digital high signal to turn activate, you could set channel 5 on your Maestro as a digital output and still use the same position settings of 500 and 4000. Could you try that and see if the relay works as expected?