There was an error initializing the device

I’ve installed the Maestro Servo Controller Windows Drivers and Software
The green led on my Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller is steady, indicating that the Maestro’s USB drivers are installed correctly. After the Maestro gets this message, the green LED will be on, but it will flicker briefly when there is USB activity.
Yet. When running Pololu Maestro Control Center i get the two error messages:

[quote=“Pololu Maestro Control Center”]There was an error initializing the device. Unknown product id 9f.
There was an error initializing the device. Access was denied when trying to connect to the device. Try closing all programs using the device.[/quote]
I have stopped basically every thinkable program om my computer imaginable doing something with USB.
Yet the same error messages keeps coming.
In the program USBDeview the following information can be found usbdeview.txt (3.35 KB)

System information:sysinfo.txt (40.7 KB)


I am sorry you are having problems with your Maestro servo controller. Could you tell me where you purchased it from? It sounds like the Maestro you have is a special modified version of the Maestro. If it is, it will not work with the Maestro Control Center.

- Zeeshan

Maestro servo controller is purchased from
I cannot see how this makes me unable to test the hardware with MSC software?
I am having trouble running the provided Turret Control 2.5 software from realsentrygun
Turret Control runs with a virtual box running windows XP 32bit, but then I have trouble using my camera and initializing the drivers for the servo controller…
so it kinda keeps going on.
Anyways, I might install windows XP on a old laptop and try everything from there.

The Maestro Control Center software is designed to only work with standard Maestro firmware. You might consider contacting realsentrygun for help with their Turret Control 2.5 software.

- Zeeshan