The USB version controller more stable?

The serial 8-servo controller I am using is so easy to need a reset. I want to know if the USB verstion is much more stable? Thanks.


It’s basically the same code on the USB version. Do you know why you are getting fatal errors so easily?

- Jan

I don’t know. I just used your Serial Transmitter program to make simple servo movements.
Any possibilities for the fatal error?
I have read some posts here. You have said that some garbage serial signals may cause fatal errors of servo controller. Is this very normal making servo controller dead?

Were you sending valid commands when you got the errors? The fatal error condition should help you find invalid commands you’re sending, and once you have them out of your program, it should be easy to avoid the fatal error.

In some very noisy environments, it is possible to get errors that are not caused by sending bad commands. We have made customized versions of the firmware for other customers who wanted different error behavior, such as ignoring errors completely or going to preset positions. If you have such an application, you can contact us more directly with your specifications, and we can get you a quote for a custom version.

- Jan