The PWM frequency of LV328 and SV328

I noticed that has some different of LV328 and SV328 in PWM frequency.

Can someone explain this difference?Why LV328 can’t use PWM frequency over 10KHz?


Did you mean to LV-168 instead of LV-328? We have never offered the low voltage version of the Orangutan with the ATmega328.

The Orangutan SV-328 has a dedicated motor driver chip (Toshiba’s TB6612FNG dual motor driver) that supports PWM frequencies up to 80 kHz, while the upper limit of the H-bridges on the Orangutan LV-168 is 9.8 kHz. You can find more information in the “Motor Driver Truth Table” section of the Orangutan SV-xx8 and LV-xx8 User’s Guide.

- Jeremy

Sorry, It’s LV-168, not LV328.

I made a H-Bridge with MOSFET, very similar with LV-168, two P-MOS and two N-MOS. But I don’t know how to choose the PWM freqency.

So my question is:

  1. How to decide the PWM frequency to driver the H-Bridge and DC Moto?
  2. Why LV-168 can’t work over 10KHz PWM frequency?


The PWM frequency on the Orangutan LV-168 is limited by the MOSFETs used in the H-bridge. You will want to look at the datasheet of your MOSFETs to see how fast they can respond.

- Jeremy