The PS2 Controlelr project Micro Maestro

I just wanted to add this to your forums for others to see what I did with this mashup of stuff. I think you will enjoy watching it.

This is my mashed together robot arm, connected to a EEPC hosting a web page and video cameras using Debian Linux over wifi. The web page uses a Google code plugin that allows for capture of joystick input on the page itself. I would just report any joystick positions besides neutral to iframes for each servo once every second. It worked pretty good actually and if I had more resources at the moment I would be looking to take this to a whole new level mounting the eeepc on a mobile robot base.

Wow, that looks pretty nice. I am glad you got the lag down so much compared to how it was when I tried it out - the interface looks good enough to actually be useful for some kind of remote interaction. It is sad that you had to take it apart already! :slight_smile:


naw nothing lost here I can put it all back together in under 15 minutes and believe me I plan to eventually, I’ve even done some research and plan on having the servos report via ajax instead of iframe. I want to get a few pieces though instead of it being all rigged together mechanically, namely some of the arm pieces from lynxmotion and a grabber that looks like I can do some real lifting with it, no offense. The only thing that stopped me from doing it right now is I have a few hobbies and I found a piece for my little hotrod project I have been searching for over a year for and it drained me to get the piece. This moves robots back a tad cause now I can make the hotrod drivable for the summer with the new piece (fuel tank, long story) and a few easily obtained others which opens me and the wife to some much needed social interaction for the whole summer. :wink: Summer is only a few months long here and I will be back to no hotrod (and motorcycles) once again for about 6 months.

Here’s my “hotrod” starting for the first time in 20 years

I’ve driven it a few times now, it had 42,688 miles on it when I brought it home over a year ago it has just rolled over 43k.

Very nice, especially the low latency!

Would you be willing to post your source code?