The Orangutan x 2 vs TREX

I have the TREX i have been using this in my TANKs, When the TREX sells out what will replace it.

Can the Orangutan x 2 perform all functions that the TREX can and more?
Is it possible for the Orangutanx2 to function by manual control IE: R/C control
then be switched to autonomous control?

please advise


We have no plans to discontinue the TReX, and we are not working on any similar products right now. Did you see anything to indicate otherwise?

The Oranguatn X2 is physically capable of doing the same things as the TReX (and more), but you would have to write the code yourself (we have not publicly released the TReX firmware, and the X2 uses a different microcontroller). I think it’s not easy to make something as good as the TReX, so I would stick with that if you just want the motor controller. Also, in case it’s useful to you, it’s pretty straightforward to connect the TReX and X2 to get four channels of motor control. The X2 can request the RC readings from the TReX, so you can relatively easily get the mixed RC/autonomous control of all four motors.

- Jan


Hi. I did not hear that you are discontinuing any production such as the TREX, however
with many of your past products such as the BabyO once they have sold out, they were
discontinued. I assumed the same with the TREX. The TREX seems to be getting low in stock
according to the web site.

My ultimate goal is to autonomize my TANK ( into a Robot TANK 1/16 tiger I ) I knew
that the TREX could control the motors, but I would still need a robot controler with ram and
software. The Ox2 could act as a TREX and Robo controler but you say there is no available
software for the Ox2 to simulate the TREX. I suppose I would have to write my own software.

Your observation about our product discontinuation patterns is interesting, but it’s not correct. In general, we don’t discontinue products of which we have abundant stock, and when we do discontinue something, the stock goes to 0. However, we’re continuously manufacturing products, and stock levels of all the products keep dropping until they are replenished by a new manufacturing run. We’ve only discontinued a few products (even the Baby O hasn’t really been discontinued; we’ve just made some improvements to it). So, discontinued products generally imply low stock, but low stock does not imply impending discontinuation.

- Jan