The external pressure on the chips of board minimu-9


Currently I am customizing some enclosure the the board minimu-9 ( My question is that if I design the enclosure with a very tight space, then it may cause some pressure from the case onto the chips of board minimu-9. I just want to know whether it will impact the output of the acc, gyro and mag? Thanks!


We do not have the MinIMU-9 characterized that way, but I do not recommend applying a pressure or force to the board. It might have some effect on components on the board. I recommend reading through the datasheets under the Resources tab on the product page and seeing if they give any specifics on allowable mechanical stress.

  • Grant

Just for those who need to design the enclosure for this sensor information:

I tested the effect of applying external force onto the sensor board. I found that the bias of the gyro reading was changed a lot when there was a force onto the board, while the accelerometer seemed ok to this force. So when designing an enclosure for this sensor, don’t let it directly contact the sensor.