The D.A.I.R. and the Morse Code


I thought I’d share some of my projects here;

First is in the window Art & Robotics;

My D.A.I.R. (Dual Arm Industrial Robot) … a home made home hobby robot that uses servo motors and a Parallax BS2 HomeWork Board µController;

I’m using HXT12K servo motors for all the joints except the waist and tool motors which are continuous rotating servos.

The two milk cartons that light up (great to see at night!) are also controlled by the Parallax BS2 HomeWork Board µController switching two Omron relays that control the 12V to the CCL tubes inside the milk cartons.

The message is in Morse Code … and has changed … I hope to get a video showing the entire message posted soon … after the monsoons make life nicer outside at night.

Yes, you can drive by and see the window art anytime … I’m just across the street from Fire Station #9 in Las Vegas …

You can find other robot project videos on YouTube by searching for: SolidWorksMagi

You can see other robot projects I’ve done or am working on at my own website too: