The correct Programmer for"A-Star 32U4 Micro"

Hi, I was playing around with the Arduino IDE and cannot remember what the correct “Programmer” (which is under the tools menu) that is supposed to be used with the “A-Star 32U4 Micro” board. I think it might be “AVR ISP” but I am not sure and I don’t want to break anything.


Too much trouble to check the A-Star 32U4 product page?

Yes, I have looked for hours before posting my previous message.
I found nothing that said what programmer should be used with this product in the Arduino IDE.

Well, by now you certainly will have read section 6.2 of the link to the User Guide that I posted, and in the Arduino environment, will have successfully run the “Blink” example!

Yes sir, I have done all of that before, my problem , is mistakenly playing around with the Arduino IDE and loosing track of which programmer (under the tools menu) is correct to use with my A-Star Micro.

I don’t want to experiment with anything for the possibility of damaging the MCU.


The “AVRISP mkII” programmer should be fine to use to program your A-Star using the Arduino IDE. You can also use the “Arduino ISP”.

- Amanda

Sorry; I made an mistake in my last post. When programming the A-Star via USB, the programmer selection in the Arduino IDE should not matter. The programmer selection only matters if you are using an external programmer (e.g. to load the bootloader), in which case you should choose a programmer that matches or is compatible with the external programmer you are using.

- Amanda