Thank you Pololu

Even at 62 years old and having worked in MoCo for 40 years in the film industry, I still build prototypes and the servo, motor and your controllers support are stellar.

Your tech support is great. I got a bunch of JRKs and TICs, some motors and linear actuators - and pairing that with the 3D printed parts… well, I wish I was 20 years old again and had access to all this wonderful off-the-shelf technology.

All this to say, we all understand how this plague is clobbering great companies like yours and I just wanted to say that in all this, you’ve continued, albeit with a small crew…with dignity and patience with us all.

thank you


Thank you for your kind words. It’s so great to hear from customers who get so much joy from using our parts. And it’s wonderful to hear you’ve had great experiences with our tech support, too. Stay safe!