Testing Medium Low-Side MOSFET without a serial signal

I am having trouble figure out why my RC switches are not working anymore and I want to test them without having to give it a serial signal. Is there a way to get the RC switch to produce an output to the load without a serial signal?

I have the switch set up in RC mode (the solder bridge with the two pads on the box outlined in red on the resources page) and I have a 12V load supply. I have tried simply driving the RC signal line high but I still do not get a voltage on the load output. Is this because the MOSFET will only respond to a proper signal or is it possible that the MOSFET is broken?


First, I moved this topic to “Other Pololu Products” since you are asking for support for one of our products.

Regarding your question, these switches are for use with RC signals, which are not the same as serial signals. You do need the correct signal to get them to turn on. What are the LEDs on your boards doing? What happened around the time when the boards stopped working?


Hi sfurrow88,

Your mosfet is already broken. You cannot get an output voltage if your mosfet is broken because it it the only one that trigger the output voltage to your circuit. Try changing it with a new one and the same component.


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