Terminal session with wixel not working

I’m trying to run the recommended bluetooth firmware update for my HM-11 via the wixel as described here github.com/jstevensog/wixel-sdk … ridge2.pdf

The problem is when I open up Putty to COM3 using default serial settings, I get nothing in the prompt and can send nothing. I know this is the correct com port and I have loaded the usb_serial app that comes with the wixel sdk. What am I missing here?


In general, the terminal programs will not display a prompt or any characters you type unless the device on the other end is configured to echo data back or if you enable a local echo option.

If you want to verify that your Wixel works, you can do a loopback test. To do this, disconnect your Wixel from everything else and connect the RX (P1_7) line to its TX (P1_6) line. Then open your terminal program (e.g. PuTTY) and connect to your Wixel’s COM port. You should be able to type any character into the terminal program and see it echoed back.

We are not familiar with the HM-11 device you are using, so we cannot help you if it is causing the problem in your system. You might try asking someone who is familiar with that device such as the author of PDF you linked in your post.

- Amanda