TENET TECHNETRONICS is now an official Distributor in INDIA

TENET TECHNETRONICS is now an official Distributor in INDIA for Arduino Boards an open source Electronic Prototyping/Development Board, an easy way to procure boards in INDIA. These boards will help your electronic ideas to become a reality. We also host a range of electronic boards - Micro Controller, VLSI and Embedded boards. We host a wide range of electronic components to cater your needs.

Boards we currently distribute
Arduino Mega
Arduino USB/Arduino Duemilanove
Arduino Pro
Ethernet Shield for Ardunio
ARM 7 Development Boards
ARM 9 Development Boards
ARM with Touch Screen
PIC Development Boards

ARM Programmers/Debuggers
PIC Programmers
AVR Programmers
Touch Screens
Sensors - Accelerometer, Proximity, Fingerprint etc.,
Communication - Bluetooth, GSM, GPS etc.,
Track Ball

LEDs - RGB, Single Color
Breakout Boards
iPOD Components
Cables and IC adapters

Visit us at www.tenettech.com for more products
Contact us at info@tenettech.com for more info

Official Distributor for SPARKFUN ELECTRONICS and EMARTEE

warm regards
Vasanth Kumar B