Technique to remove jumper from Pololu Distance Sensor - 4064

I’m interested in removing the configuration jumper #2 on item #4064 to change the max range from 50cm down to 15cm, but I’ve never worked on anything that small. My goto tool is a pencil soldering iron with a 1/32” semi-chisel tip.

So I was wondering if someone could suggest a technique for removing the 0 ohm resistor at position #2? One idea I had was to take a pair of fine tipped tweezers, warm them for a a few seconds with a heat gun, then pinch the soldered ends of the resistor to remove… Do you think that would work?

Thanks Tom

I find that Mr SolderFix on YouTube has some of the best videos I have seen on all manner of SMD soldering/desoldering, including the removal of 2-pin passives such as resistors. Check out the following link where he just adds new solder to both ends to convince the old passive to just slide off of its pads:

I have used a similar approach in the past and it has worked well.

I hope that helps.


Thanks Adam