Tamiya Wheels Type

Hello, i have been searching for wheels for my tamiya 70168 gearbox. I have searched:

  1. Tamiya 70101 Truck Tire Set (4 tires) : pololu.com/product/65
  2. Tamiya 70096 Off-Road Tires (2 tires) : pololu.com/product/64
  3. Tamiya 70145 Narrow Tire Set (2 tires) : pololu.com/product/63
  4. Tamiya 70194 Spike Tire Set (2 tires) : pololu.com/product/1687[/b]

I am confused is these wheels are rubber type or not?
I want rubber wheels that’s have grip.
Thanks in advance…, :slight_smile:


We do not have a materials list showing what those tires are made of, but they are soft like rubber. Which tires you choose should be based on the type of surface you what to operate on. I like the #1687 tires for rough surfaces and the #65 for smooth surfaces.