Tamiya 72001 Planetary

I could use some help.

The Pololu website that the 72001 comes with an RC-260.

But the Tamiya website says that it comes with an RE-260.

tamiyausa.com/product/item.p … t-id=72001

Could you please clarify?

Devon Smith


The box packaging says the motor is “RC-260 type”. The motor looks physically different from the RE-260 motors in the other gearboxes, so we are fairly certain that the the 72001 does not come with an RE-260. However, it is possible that the motor has changed recently.

Both motors seem very similar. Their size and shape is the same, and their stall currents at 3V are the same. The only difference we know of is that the RC-260 has a silver can, and the RE-260 has a more golden can. We do not know of any specs published by Tamiya for the motors in their kits.

- Jan

A Pololu representative confirmed on the phone that the 72001 has RC-260 written on the box.

A TamiyaUSA representative confirmed that it was an RC-260.

Unless I am mistaken, Tamiya uses Mabuchi motors in their gearboxes. Their motor designations are consistent with Mabuchi models.

To see voltage, current, torque, and other information, check out their website.

mabuchi-motor.co.jp/english/ … ro_03.html


The motors are Mabuchi motors, but there does not appear to be any indication of the model on the motors. From measuring the stall currents, the two motors seem to be the “2295” models. The main differences between the two is that the RC-260 is made for 3-6 V operation and has carbon brushes, while the RE-260 has 1.5-4.5 V operating range and metal brushes. Looks like RE has a bit higher output at the same voltage, but RC can go to higher voltage and thus deliver more power while running within the recommended operating range.

- Jan