Tamiya 70168 Gearbox - motor problems

Hi! My order has arrived today. I have assembled the gearbox at the 344.2:1 ratio and it works nicely, but the problem is, applying 2.61V from a 2.8 accus (2.61 under load) makes the motors “sweat” at the bottom of the axle, and after a few seconds I can sense a smell of something similar to burning/overheating. It’s not acute, but it’s there.

is this normal, like at first use?


I can usually smell something at first, but you might want to break in the motor with just one cell and without the gearbox. I haven’t seen the “sweat” thing before; does it look like grease?

- Jan

I think it’s grease, but I think it’s odd to come out the bottom of the axle (where it points out the motor, not into the gearbox).

Well, If i use just a motor and no gearing what’s the point? :stuck_out_tongue: That’s why I bought this whole thing anyway. So is it just some thing it will wear off with use, or is it a bad sign? That’s what I’m asking.

edit: well, i tested them with the same battery, but without any gearing. The grease still comes out at the end, plus the smell is not gone. Should I let them longer running? I only tried for a few seconds.

The point of running the motor on one cell without a load is to break it in. You might do that for 10 or so minutes. You’ll probably still get some smell, but that’s normal.

- Jan