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Tamiya 70168 Double Gearbox vs 70097 Twin-Motor Gearbox?

Which of these do you recommend for use with the track & wheel set? Is one of them quieter than the other? I know Tamiya gearboxes can be quite loud sometimes.



I do not have a recommendation for one of those gearboxes over the other. Both of them use 3mm hexagonal output shafts, which will work with the Tamiya 70100 Track and Wheel Set. The noise from the gearboxes can vary based on the speed the motors are run at and the gear ratios selected in each. I do not know if one is significantly quieter than the other, but they should both come with a small tube of grease that should make them run quieter. If they are still noisier than you would like, placing them in an enclosure might help make them quieter