Tamiya 70097 Twin-Motor Gearbox


I have two questions.

  • What is the difference between the A & B type gears?
  • Does the type C gear enable isolated control of the two motors(or wheels)? If not, is there a gearbox that does so?


All three configurations of the twin-motor gearbox allow independent control of the two output shafts.

The type A and B configurations differ only in their axle locations.

- Candice


I actually don’t see how one of the shaft can rotate while the other doesn’t. Could you please explain. I require them to rotate seperately.

There are two nuts that connect the central shaft to the hexagonal space in two of the gears (I hope you understand this confuse explanation). You have to tight only one of those nuts to allow the independent movement of the two shafts

I have further question regarding to changing motors for the geerbox. In order to support for my purpose, I wish to replace two DC motors of the gearbox by two STEP motors. I don’t know whether the provider can do this and which step motor fits into the gearbox.
Probaly, this is also common question from worldwide Robotists


Although we have heard of stepper motors used with the twin motor gearbox, we do not know of any specific stepper motor models that would be appropriate. Any motor that has the right shaft size and is small enough for two to fit side-by-side should work.

- Jan

I bought the gearbox to use in radio control applications. However I also purchased the dual-motor chip as a cheap speed controller. It lists serial, reset, vcc and ground linkages.
Which do I hook up to a stock hobby controller in order for it to work simply? Yes I know what the terms mean above but I still don’t know what to do. I know it’s wrong topic but please help!


Our dual motor controllers are not compatible with hobby radio control equipment. Our new 3A motor controller does have the ability to connect directly to a RC receiver.

- Jan

I took back the dual-motor chip as some people know. I know that it is not compatible with remote control. However are the motors in the dual-motor gearbox compatible with RC? Do they need to have capacitors soldered on? What are the motors’ positive and negative connections, if any?