Take a look

hi guys,
here is first video preview for my project based on Maestro + arduino,

Cool! How many servos and servo controllers are in there? I saw you had an earlier post about a single maestro and 18 servos, but I think I see two Maestros flashing in the video.

- Jan

That’s great! Can you tell us more about it?

- Ben


That is really cool. Is it going to get a skin? I am also very interested to know what you are using or planning to use for the motion sequencing.


i am using 18ch maestro for the walking system and 12ch maestro for the head and trank. im working on 2 systems because it is made for a theatre piece and i will need 2 defrent performers to control the elephant live on stage. each maestro will be connected to arduino with xbee, so the arduino is taking care of communication, and later on will be responsible for sensors.

at the moment we are building banks of sequences - like a vocabulary of elephant actions, and we call the routines via keypad. it is very comfertable methode.
it will not have skin, but these wooden lines will be developed.
there is another elephant being built in my studio, about triplle size bigger…