T825 with linear motor stm32f103

I want to control t825 with stm32. do you have connection type and sample codes? Is it possible for me to check with stm32


We do not have any specific examples or connection diagrams for controlling the Tic with an STM32, but I do not see any obvious reasons why you wouldn’t be able to. The most practical interface for doing so is probably the TTL serial or I2C interface. I suggest reading through the relevant sections of the Tic user’s guide (such as the “Setting up serial control” and “Setting up I2C control” sections) to get a better understanding of those protocols and how to use them. The “Command reference” and respective command encoding sections are useful resources too. Also, the serial and I2C examples in the “Writing PC software to control the Tic” section might be helpful as a reference for writing your own code.