Syncing Micro Servo Controller with audio

I am making talking fish that sing to a soundtrack but I am a beginner with coding and Electronics so I’ve reached a standstill.

So far I have used 6 micro servo motors and connected them to Ableton using Max for Live. I have been able to move them all manually and move one to a singular beat but I have just discovered the Micro Servo Controller and I’m wondering id this is an easier option for me. Could anyone offer me some advice? How would I Sync 6 Motors to Music using this?



Unfortunately, the Maestro controllers do not have any special features for choreographing movements to an audio track and cannot play or read audio tracks directly.

I am not familiar with Ableton or Max for Live, but there are a couple of options for accomplishing movements synced to audio with the Maestro, such as using a third-party program like Brookshire Software’s Visual Show Automation or triggering the sound/track from the Maestro to a separate audio playback board and timing your sequence manually, which I describe in the last paragraph of this post . However, please note that this will take some amount of programming in the Maestro scripting language. You can see an example of what can be done with the simple timing method (and some patience) in this diorama posted by Makidog.