Switching regulator and microcontroller's AREF pin control


I need a stable voltage reference for my Teensy’s analog inputs ADC using the board’s AREF pin. I have a Pololu boost converter providing 5v to the Teensy and to other parts.

I plan to use the boost converter’s output as a reference for my AREF pin too, possibly through a voltage divider. Will it be stable and clean enough or should I use a shunt regulator (such as a TL431 for instance) for this purpose instead ?

Thank you in advance.


How steady the output from your 5V regulator is will depend on how the components attached to it draw current. If they draw bursts of large current, the regulator’s output voltage might drop, which would probably not be good for your analog readings. If however, you only plan to use it to supply low power components, the regulator’s 5V output would probably be fine.