Switched relay

I have a 2804 rc switched relay. Not quite what I want. I want a relay that ONLY operates when the input signal is active. This relay stays switched/ latched. I only want it to operate when my lever on the TX is moved ie Tx stick forward, relay closed and Tx stick back to center relay open.
Please help this novice. :slight_smile:


By default the #2804 RC Switch with Relay triggers (latches shut) when the input pulses are longer than 1700μs and opens when the signal is shorter. Typically, the joysticks on RC transmitters send out a pulse width of 1500μs when the stick is centered, and around 2000μs when the stick is fully pushed forward, so I would expect it to behave like you described. However, since it is not, I recommend going through the “Configuring your RC Switch” section of the RC Switch user’s guide (along with the subsections) to configure the switch to work how you want. Please note that the user’s guide covers several of our RC Switch products; you should refer to the part talking about the “Pololu RC Switch with Relay”.


Thanks Brandon.
I went through all the configuration set up last night.
Now it is just how I want it.

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