Switch on my Maestro 18 not working

I have wired a switch to channel 15, a digital input channel, on my Maestro 18 board. I have channels 14 to 17 set up as inputs from the channel setting page. All these channels show 255.77 on the status page with nothing connected.
I have soldered 2 pins on the board to get the +5v DC output, well these read 4.77v DC to ground, using the servos ground connection.

I have wired from the +5v pin through a 20K resistor, back to channel 15 signal line and to my switch, and from my switch (switched side) to the servo ground.

I have 0.065v on the channel 15 signal line and this will go to 0v when I press my switch.
And it’s showing 0 (zero) mA when I put my multimeter in circuit.

My last test was to leave out the switch and just put the 20k resistor directly across the +5v pin and channel 15 signal line but still I do not get any change of status showing. Nor any of the other channels I have set for inputs.
When checked with my digital voltmeter, pin +5v to servo ground, I am getting 22mA (including any resistance in the wiring), which is the correct reading 4.77v/20,000 = 23 rounded up

When I view the Status panel channel 15 only shows 255.75 as it’s status even when I press my switch, as if there is nothing connected.

What am I doing wrong??? As I have it wired up as shown in the user guide.

I look to have it sorted out.
It would help if I had the ‘signal line’ plugged into channel 15 AND NOT in channel 10.

Simple mistake to make for a first timer


I am glad you got it working. Thank you for letting us know you found the problem.