Swap gear box in micromotor

I have 2 pololu’s micromotor. One of them is a 30:1 micromotor and the other one is 10:1 micromotor HP. What I wanted to know is if I can swap the gearbox so I will have a 30:1 micromotor HP

thanks in advance


The pinion gears (the first gear right on the motor shaft) for the various gear ratios are different, so the answer is probably no. However, you can fairly easily remove the gearboxes and look at the pinion gears; if they are the same, you can swap the motors. (I don’t think you can swap the pinion gears.)

- Jan

I think that the first number in the denominator of the gear ratio documentation is the number of teeth in the pinion gear… so…

5 20
10 13
30 16
50 15
75 13
100 12
150 12
210 12
250 12
298 12
1000 12

I was able to swap the 100 with the 250, for example, because these gear boxes both expect a 12 toothed pinion gear.


Those are the correct teeth counts for the pinion gears on each of those ratios of micro metal gearmotors. Please note, the height of the 100:1 pinion gear is different than all the other 12-tooth pinion gears, so the alignment would be a little off if you swap the gearbox of the 100:1 micro metal gearmotor with another, which could lead to worse performance and accelerated wear.