Swap control center settings between 12 and 18 ch Maestros


I have a Mini Maestro 12 channel and just ordered an 18 channel. Seems I like the Maestros :slight_smile:

I would like to use the settings for the 12 channel (script, limits, channel names…) as the base for the 18 channel.

What happens if I connect the 18 channel Maestro and load the settings file of the 12 channel Maestro?

What happens if I load an 18 channel settings file into the 12 channel Maestro?

Do I have to be careful here? I assume the control center will use the same default filename for both units and I’m sure one day I’ll be careless.



Hello, Herbert.

The way the Maestro loads a settings file from another version Maestro depends on whether it has more channels or fewer channels. For example, when loading a settings file from a 12-channel Maestro onto an 18-channel Maestro, the extra 6 channels will simply be initialized with default settings. When loading a settings file from an 18-channel Maestro onto a 12-channel Maestro, the extra 6 channels will be ignored.

Also, please note that loading a Maestro settings channel that was saved from a different version of the Maestro will result in a warning message explaining the situation. Here is the message you should receive when opening a settings file from a 12-channel Maestro onto an 18-channel Maestro:

The main problem when loading settings files this is that you could accidentally have a servo or sensor connected to a channel that is configured as an output and could possibly damage something. However, this should be easily avoidable, either by knowing what settings file you are loading, or loading the settings file with nothing else connected to the Maestro.


Thanks Brandon,

basically that is what I was hoping for.