SVP-324 and avrdude


I use WinAVR-20100110 and eclipse for my development environment.

My copy of avrdude.conf does not have support for the 324PA but does have 324P. I used the -F option to override the signature check and the SVP-324 seems to have programmed ok. Do you think there will be any issues doing this?



It looks like the PA version has only minor changes over the P version: … oc8190.pdf

What’s strange to me is that only the 324 has a change of device signature between the P and PA versions. I think that code compiled for the 324P will work just fine on the PA, but you should keep your eye out for strange bugs in your programs in case there is some more significant difference. You could also try downloading the current winavr release candidate, which might have support for the 324PA, but that could introduce a whole other set of bugs.

- Ben


When we were developing and testing the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library and all the example programs for the Orangutan SVP-324, neither avr-gcc nor avrdude supported the ATmega324pa (I haven’t checked to see if the latest releases support them). So I told avr-gcc to compile for the “atmega324p” and I told avrdude to program with “-p m324p -F”. In fact all of our documentation and example programs are still configured this way. I didn’t encounter any problems so you probably won’t either (especially if you use the Pololu AVR Library), but I can’t rule out the possibility completely.