Svp-1284 and wixel

This is probably a dumb question but how do I connect a wixel to the svp-1284?


How do you intend on using the Wixel with the Orangutan SVP? Are you trying to connect some I/O lines between the Wixel and the Orangutan SVP or communicate between them via serial? If you are trying to have the Orangutan send serial bytes to the Wixel, you will need to add extra components to ensure that your microcontroller never drives the Wixel’s RX line higher than 3.3 V since the Wixel’s RX line is not 5 V tolerant. You can find a simple wiring diagram in the “Connecting a Microcontroller via TTL Serial” section of the Wixel User’s Guide. If you are using an I/O pin to send signals from the Orangutan to the Wixel, you will also need to add extra components as shown in the guide.

- Jeremy

I’m looking for a way to control and view video from a robot with a 1284 over a wireless connection, I’m not sure if I need a wixel or something different.

The Wixel is not ideal for transmitting and receiving video as the data rate is only about 10 KB/s. You might consider using a Bluetooth module instead, as they typically have much higher data rates.

- Jeremy