SVP 128 Platform

Hi - starting from scratch and would like to build a platform that I can eventually take a long way so I wanted to start with the SVP platform.

Want to start with something basic then move onto wifi control with a iPod touch, gps mapping and following, video, etc.

Can someone recommend a good chassis to get me going.

I have searched extensively and do not see a lot of examples.

I do not mind upgrading the chassis but did want to start with the best board because that is where the investments seem to be made in terms of programming, etc.


Hi Bob.

Picking a good chassis depends a lot on what you want to do. One option is for you to cut yourself a custom chassis using a jigsaw or our custom laser cutting service. If you’re looking for a premade solution, you could try the Rover 5 tracked chassis (there is a picture near the bottom of the page that shows one being controlled by an Orangutan SVP). If you do go with a stock chassis, make sure you select one with motors that are appropriate for the SVP’s motor drivers (e.g. the Wild Thumper chassis we carry would not be good candidates unless you use a higher-power, external motor driver).

- Ben

Edit: I forgot to mention that the SVP will also fit on our RC04a chassis, but it takes up most of the available space, and you probably need to use the configuration with the motors mounted on the underside of the chassis.

Awesome - the only chassis I didn’t look at. Really appreciate your response.