SV-328 Power-on

today I received my SV-328. Great product! I like it.
One thing I did not understand:
I can power on by pushing the power pushbutton. And I can power off by pushing it again.

1.) What is happening when doing so? In the schematic I can not see how that operates. What does the pushbutton do in order to switch on/off?
2.) When I buld the board into a robot I don’t want to push the power pushbutton on the board but instead I have another power-switch. How can I manage that the board is powered on WITHOUT having to push the pushbutton on the board?
I am sorry if this is a stupid question…or if it has been answered before.


We sell the pushbutton power switch by itself, so please see the product page for a general, high-level overview of how it works. For a more detailed explanation of the circuit, you can take a look at our patent.

You should be able to effectively remove the switch by permanently shorting the two pushbutton leads. However, a more reliable approach might be to just bypass the power switch circuit entirely and connect your power supply voltage directly to VBAT (note that this connection would be past the reverse-voltage protection, so connecting power to VBAT backwards would likely destroy the board).

By the way, note that one cool feature of the pushbutton power switch is that you can fairly trivially have multiple power switches in parallel that can each independently turn the board on and off. If your goal is just to relocate the board’s power switch to a more convenient location or button form, you can do that by connecting your button in parallel with the board’s power button.

- Ben