SV-328 and Arduino libraries

Been trying to get the Arduino libraries working with my new SV-328 board, there seems to be a problem with the names used for the ports, such as PORTD1 instead of PD1 etc. Now the LED library was an easy fix, 2 #defines at the top changed over, job done. The rest however are giving me trouble and I think are a bit beyond be :blush: at least with this much sleep depravation…

While this isn’t the end of the world, it would be nice to be able to use the nice Arduino core as I can knock up a program far faster than straight C/C++ when it comes to a micro processor :slight_smile:

So, any tips for fixes? plans for an official update?

Thanks guys.

Actually, something just clicked, got the LCD library working now :laughing:

I’ll try and fix all of them and upload them if thats ok :slight_smile:

Right, not fully tested, but they do compile from with the arduino ide, and the examples all work :smiley:

Only very roughly modified, I’m thinking I’ve broken compatibility with the LV-168 board, however, it might be a useful stop gap solution for a few people.

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Beige. Our Arduino support has not kept up with changes to the Arduino IDE and our AVR C/C++ library, but updating the Arduino libraries is definitely on our list of things to do.

- Ben