Sustitute of Pololu USB AVR Programmer

Dear Sir,

I recently purchased Pololu 3Pi with UBS programmer as a combo pack (Pololu item #: 1306).

Everything was fine, but two days back I lost my USB programmer somewhere.

Now my questions are:

Can I use other programmer (Sustitute of Pololu USB AVR Programmer) to program the 3Pi?

I will find the connections for MOSI, MISO, SCK and RST with Vcc and Gnd.

Is it recommended to program without the original USBasp programmer?

Can you give me the sequence of connections at the bus cable for MOSI, MISO, SCK and RST with Vcc and Gnd?

Please help.


You do not have to use the Pololu USB AVR Programmer to program the Pololu 3pi Robot; you can use a different USBasp programmer to program it. Please be careful to not attempt to program the 3pi while it is power is off or when the batteries are low, because that could permanently break the on-board microcontroller. The Pololu USB AVR Programmer has a protection feature against programming under-powered devices that other AVR programmers might not have.

The 3pi’s AVRISP header pins are indicated in this picture:

- Amanda

Thanks Amanda. Thank you so much.
Now please answer my only one question.
Can you suggest me any USBasp burner which is compatible for Pololu 3Pi…?
Please give link if possible.

You might consider using the AVRISP mkII programmer from Atmel, or do an Internet search for “USBasp” to find other USB AVR programmers that can program an ATmega328 device (which is the microcontroller used on the 3pi).

By the way, if it is difficult for you to get our programmers directly from us, you might try looking at our distributors to see if any of the distributors near you carry them.

- Amanda

Thanks AmandaS.
That worked well.
Thanks again for such a quick and neat reply.
It helped for a beginner like me a lot