Surface Mount Assembly Kit for Sale

Hi Everyone,

I’m selling all my electronic assembly kit and was wondering if anyone is interested?

It’s a fully automatic full vision system and the feeders alone have a second hand value of more than £5,000.

Both the Pick & Place machine and Over are table top units so you could have then in a garage or workshop, they are great for prototype runs are small to medium production runs.

What I’m selling:

1 x Madell STP-350 Stencil Printer.
1 x Madell PX-3700 Fully Automatic Pick and Place machine with Controller
1 x Keyboard, Mouse and PC setup with Madell software installed ready to go.
1 x Madell MDR-330 3 Zone Reflow Oven suitable for lead free and BGA applications

37 Feeders:

18 x W8 x P2 Feeders
7 x W8D x P4 Feeders
7 x W8F x P4 Feeders
4 x W12 x P8 Feeders
1 x W12 x 4 Feeder

It is capable of 3,000-3,500cph (quoted on Madell’s site) and has a working area of 600x400.

It has an up looking camera, down looking camera and a side looking camera.

It also has a nozzle changer.

The machine comes complete and in addition it also comes with a PC with required software installed, keyboard, mouse and TFT so you can start populating boards right away, all you will need is a regulated air supply.

It’s all pretty heavy so you would need at least two people to lift, maybe three for the pick and place machine.

I can delivery to most places in Europe for a fee so cover van rental, fuel, time and accomodation…

I will also spend a day to help set up and do a little training if needed.

I would like £9,995 but am open to sensible offers.

You can see a videos of it in action and

Many thanks