Supplying +5v with USB AVR Programmer

My ‘‘target box’’ needs to be feed with a +5Vcc in order to function. I just found out that the Pololu USB AVR Programmer does not supply power to the target device :confused: :unamused:

Looking at this picture, we can see that there is a +5v source on the programmer board…could I just solder a wire from that VBUS (+5v) point to the VDD pin of the connector? This way I could supply 5 volts to +Vcc pin of the ‘‘target box’’ ?

My ‘‘target box’’ used to program Atmega48-128 chips for my quadcopter flightcontroller:

Thanks for the help!


Well I guess I found the answer in the user’s guide:

The line from the user’s guide that you highlighted is talking specifically about the VDD line, not the VBUS (+5V) line. You can use the VBUS line to power your AVR if you want, but just be aware that this line is directly connected to the 5V power source of your USB port. So don’t short it to any other power sources, and don’t draw more than your USB port can handle. It you draw less than 100 mA from it you will probably be OK.


I am thinking of using Vbus of the Pololu Usb Avr programmer to power up the 3pi during programming.
With batteries inside, where would you recommend applying the 5V for safe programming?

  • the charge connector?
  • Vcc
  • Vbatt