Sumobot sensors

Hello. I was wondering if a ping sensor or an infrared sensor would be better for a sumobot in detecting its oponent? Thanks.


Each of these sensors has advantages and disadvantages. The PING sonar sensor will probably work better against opponents that have painted their sumo robots black in an attempt to reduce the reflections from IR emitter/detector pairs. However, the PING has a much wider detection angle, so it might be harder to accurately find an opponent to push them out of the ring. IR sensors are generally better at locating an opponent, but they are easier to fool with methods like black paint.

Which strategy you use is part of the fun of these competitions. Good luck; we would love to hear more about your build and the strategy you decide to use!


There’s a number of things you really need to consider with both sensor types - range, direction and speed of operation.

A lot of the simple on/off outputs are quicker to operate than the a ranging sensor with a variable output. Considering the speed of opponents you might disadvantage yourself if you’re turning to where the opponent was a short time ago. Unless you’re scanning the sensor over the area you may need more that one sensor to determine opponent location… in front, to the left or right?

Some sensors have a dead zone up close, can you manage that? Some IR sensors are short range, will that hinder your detection of the the opponent? If you’re using longer range IR or ultrasonic will you be picking up on objects right out of the area?

There’s a little more thought on this here:

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