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Sumobot competitions in pa?

I recently finished a 3 kg sumobot for a school competition and was looking to enter it in a bigger competition. Does anyone know of any near northeast Pennsylvania? I attached a pic also if you want a look at it.

Hello, Kyle.

Maybe someone else on the forum could chime in, but we do not know of any upcoming sumo competitions in that area. You might try looking for more information from your local university (in particular, one with an IEEE branch could be useful), hackerspace (or makerspace), or just searching websites like Meetup for robotics groups.

By the way, your sumo’s drive train looks pretty exciting! What motors did you use? What are you using for wheels? Do you have pictures or a model that show how everything was connected? Also, how did your robot do in the competition?

If you do have more information about your robot, like pictures or a video of it in action, and/or a link to a write-up of its design or assembly, we would definitely be interested in those things, too. At that point, you might also consider posting under the Share Your Projects part of the forum.


ok thanks i`ll have to look into some local colleges, and see if they have any open to the public. And as of the robot it has 2 gear motors that are about 900-1000 oz-in each that I actually found on eBay, so it has about 1800-2000 oz-in of power. The wheels I casted out of a 2 part rubber, and the frame is something I made out of aluminum. I easily won our high school competition and an hoping to win something a little bigger.

here is a video of it I’m my school competition.