Suitable voltage to control Motor using baby orangutan

I working to control motor (6-9 V) using baby orangutan 328p. I supplied baby orangutan with 5 V (Vin) but the motor was so slow. When I read the datasheet I saw Vin can be supplied with 5- 13 V is , is this value to supply the motor and is it safe to increase the input voltage? I know microconttroller must be supplied with 5 V max and I am worried if I increase the voltage microcontroller may damage.
Also in the data sheet I saw VCC and I could not understand it uses.



Yes, it is okay to increase your VIN voltage up to 13 V. The voltage from VIN is supplied to the motors, so if you increase VIN you can expect your motors to run faster.

The Baby Orangutan has a built-in voltage regulator which produces a 5 V supply called VCC, which is used to power the microcontroller. You should learn more about VCC by reading this page in the Baby Orangutan’s user’s guide:

You could use VCC to power other things in your system that need a low-current 5 V power supply, such as sensors.


Really thank U David