Suitable 3pi storage case


Up until now, I’ve been keeping my 3pi in the original shipping box. I’ve been thinking about some different storage options. Has anyone used one of the foam filled Platt brand blow molded storage cases such as: ?

They describe the case as being an electrical insulator, but the “pick and pluck” foam used inside these cases is not described as anti-static. Would this be alright for the 3pi, or should I looking specifically for something that is anti-static?

Paul G.


I think it’s relatively unlikely that the regular foam would cause problems for your 3pi, but it’s also fairly easy to get anti-static foam (I think you should search for something like “anti-static convoluted foam”), so you might consider that if you’re not feeling lucky. If I were you, and the case I liked had some foam included, I would start with that but keep my eye out for some of the pink stuff in some other electronics I buy and recycle that into the 3pi box.

- Jan