Suitability of D24V50F5


I have limited general electronics background, and I’m wondering if it is realistic to use a D24V50F5 converter in the following situation:

  • 7.4 VDC input (2S Li-ion)
  • 3 A output
  • poor ventilation (the converter will be enclosed in a 40-mm-diameter PVC tube)

I realize the precise temperature will depend on many factors, but from the documentation it looks like I will be around 95% efficiency, so that less than 1 W would be dissipated. Am I right to expect that I’d be well within specs, thermally speaking?


  • Mathieu

Hello, Mathieu.

Yes, 3A is well within the specifications at room temp so it seems likely to be OK, but it is hard to be sure without knowing how hot the enclosure will get. If you try it, we would be interested to hear how it works.