Suggested battery

Hi, I purchased the Wild Thumper and the TRex motor controller. I had assumed i could use one of my Lipo 3c 11.1v battery that I already own (and have the charger). Upon further reading I see a a 7.4 v Nicd battery is recommended. Is there any problem using my Lipo battery? Is it too much. Looks like the Trex can handle it but not sure about the motors in the thumper?


Your 11.1V battery pack or similar LiPo packs should be fine. You can limit the maximum duty cycle you command from the TReX so your output to the motor would effectively be closer to the recommended voltage.

I noticed you emailed as well, so I will address a couple of question for that email you did not ask here. The TReX can accept commands for RS-232 or TTL serial, so you can use a USB-to-TTL serial adapter to go from USB to the TTL serial pins on the TReX. Board. Your plan to use a logic level shifter to go from your Raspberry Pi to the TReX is good practice and should work fine.