Studio 6.1 not detecting USB programmer

I have a known functional Pololu USB programmer connected to a functional 3Pi & a new Studio 6.1 installation.

The programmer has the correct LEDs on and the device is found by the Pololu utility.

The comms port allocations are correct and confirmed by inspection in winobj eg. USBSER000

Stdio 6.1 shows the correct comms ports to be available when using “add device”, however the STK500 device is never established.

Jungo USB has been reinstalled and the log reads ok.

PC has been rebooted numerous times during process just to be sure.

Regedit reveals NO reference to any STK500 string or to “com.atmel.avrdbg.tool”

The last PC install with 5.1 appeared to burst unto life after a reboot but this one is silent. Many more installs to go on many machines and not at all impressed.

Loaded 5.1 on same machine. Required downgrading USB driver as a part of the installation. Success!
Tried running 6.1 with older USB driver and the same problem remains, not assigning a STK500 device when given the comms port no.

Hello. I am sorry you are having trouble with your Pololu USB AVR Programmer, but glad you were able to figure out a workaround. The programmer has been tested and works fine with the latest non-beta version of Atmel Studio which is 6.0, build 1996. I would recommend using that version if you are having trouble. Atmel Studio 6.1 is still in its beta stage and we have not yet tested the programmer with it. Could you explain what you mean by “the STK500 device is never established.”? What concrete behavior are you expecting and what did you actually see? Are you getting an error message? Some screenshots might help. What COM port is the programmer assigned to? Atmel Studio can only connect to STK500s on COM1 through COM9.


Vers 5.1 Add STK500 - select comms port for Device - View devices -> New programmer available
Vers 6.1 Add Device - select comms port for Device - View devices -> N0 programmer available

Thanks for letting us know. I verified the problem here, and have reported it to Atmel. I am hoping they can fix this before the final version of Atmel Studio 6.1 is released.


We set up some more units using 5.1 on Win8 and the process was flawless.