Stripped down programmer

To keep this short and simple: I want to buy a dozen without male-pin-headers/boxes or ribbon cables. Strictly just the populated board without any of the through-hole components, and USB A->mini-B cable.

Would this be possible and would I end up with a unit price of less than $17.95?


It would be a hassle, so for small quantities, it would be more expensive than the stock units. Why do you want to do this, and can you live with a long lead time, like 8 weeks or so? The lead time is relevant since we would want to wait until the next regular production of these.

- Jan

8 weeks is perfectly acceptable. The reason I ask, is because I would remove those headers myself anyway (to put on my own 6-pin female header), and I thought it would be easier/cheaper if I could just buy the programmers without them to begin with.

Please email us and reference this thread so that we can send you ordering information.

- Jan