Stop script / interrupt?

hi guys
im using arduino mega to call routines on the maestro.
that working well.

for saftey reasones, im looking for a way to “pause” the routine at any point (without completing a frame or a routine).
after “pausing” the routine, i want to go back to where i stopped.
is there interupptes on the maestro that could be used for that purpose?
what would be your recomandation for getting this done?



Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this. The only serial commands for controlling Maestro scripts are documented in the User’s guide, and there is not one for pausing the script.

If you have a free channel, you could use it as an input that stopped your program. For example, after every action in your script you could add a “check_stop” subroutine call that does nothing in a loop while a channel is set by your Arduino.

- Ryan