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Stepper Motor with 18cm Lead Screw: Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 42×38mm, 2.8V, 1.7 A/Phase

Hi people,

I am a little confused and need your help. I want to lift a robotic arm that would have to its end a 2kg load (20cm away from lead screw attachment point).

My initial calculations using T= leadforce/2pi suggest that this lead screw and stepper motor system is going to be sufficient. My projects power supply is a 12V dc. The graphs plot on the data sheet for the force vs speed are with 24Vdc.

If I connect it with a 12v battery on the H-bridge controller would I get half of that output torque? Any thoughts or suggestions?

Really appreciate your guidance.\

Thank you in advance


If you are properly limiting the current while operating the stepper motor, the difference between 12V and 24V is not going to have much of an effect on the torque until you get to high step rates. The limitation is more likely going to be that your load exceeds the 10N maximum axial load for the stepper motor and lead screw.